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About Nilsen Co.
It all started in 1896 when Norwegian Immigrant Oscar Nilsen opened a general mercantile and grocery store in downtown Eureka. The Nilsen legacy was now started in Eureka. His many descendants are still a viable force in Eureka-s business community.

Dairy feed and animal supplies were a minor part of the business in the early 1900-s. Grocery and household items were the staple for Nilsen Company. These items were delivered by horse and buggy. Today the groceries are gone and the Company-s main business is now centered around the dairy and ranching business. The horse and buggy is gone, but the delivery part remains a big part of the business. With two stores in, Eureka and Ferndale, they are able to support the agriculture community very well.

Three generations of family have operated Nilsen Company, and the fourth generation is now running the business with the fifth generation coming on.
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